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Inclusion workshop through STEAM at Igualada

Within the framework of the project on 'social cohesion and inclusion through STEAM tools,' last Saturday, January 27, at Espai Civic Centre in Igualada, we conducted a workshop on the use of technologies as STEAM tools and how they can be applied inclusively for migrants and refugees.

The participants, educators from 'Coral Infantil Gatzara', focus their activity on non-formal education. As leisure and music specialists, they were able to delve into the universal language in other aspects, in this case, technology. In a brief introduction round, they described their knowledge on the topic and then defined and debated what various terms related to the topic.

The discussion led to try to make the organization and educational spaces more inclusive. Starting from analyzing the organization, certain aspects were identified to take a step further towards being inclusive to the entire population.

Subsequently, the participants were divided into two teams to carry out an 'Actionbound.' This application incorporated quiz questions centered on local migration awareness, games related to technology and digital tools, and the use of features such as the camera, audio recorder, and geolocator.

The activities were designed to be accessible, featuring simple instructions that encouraged engagement and collaboration among participants. They also addressed universal themes, respecting diverse cultures and steering clear of stereotypes or cultural appropriation. Emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, language considerations were taken into account by incorporating commonly spoken languages among participants and addressing any doubts that may arise.

As the session concluded, a discussion ensued about the emotions and insights gained throughout. Participants expressed joy in discovering new activities applicable in various contexts, while simultaneously acknowledging the imperative need for inclusion. This reflection underscored the significance of elements like clear language use and instructions in ensuring inclusivity.

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