Global Justice

Meeting the In Transition project altogether in Coma-Ruga

Fifteen individuals from various European countries gathered in this picturesque town with a common goal: to explore global justice and promote deeper understanding among nations. Through a series of introductory activities culminating in a European evening, these participants embarked on a journey that transcended geographical and cultural borders.

The event started with a series of activities designed to break the ice and foster communication among participants. Presentation games, group dynamics, and informal debates allowed attendees to share their perspectives, and aspirations regarding the global justice training course. Each participant brought a unique wealth to the conversation, enriching the intercultural dialogue.

One of the standout activities of this event was the creation of a collaborative poster. Equipped with post-it’s and vibrant colors, participants depicted their learning expectations, outlined their possible contributions to the gathering and identified the burdens they sought to release. The mural became a visual reflection of the diversity of perspectives within the group, reminding them of the importance of working together towards a common goal.

In addition to that, the participants were able to engage into the local area through their global justice lenses by analysing their surroundings and selecting the elements in Coma-ruga that reminded them of any aspect related to the topic. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to reach out civilians so that they could have an overview on the level of knowledge and the insights that a portion of the Catalan society had in global justice matters. 

After the first introductory activities, the participants were able to get to know each other in a more informal way through the celebration of the "European Evening.” In this event, each participant had the opportunity to share a part of their culture with the group through kahoots, musical performances, traditional dances, and, of course, a delicious sampling of local cuisine. From the tasty Catalan fuet to the exquisite Lithuanian cheese, the table was laden with culinary delights that reflected the diversity and richness of Europe.

Beyond the food and music, the European Evening served as a powerful reminder of unity in diversity. As participants exchanged stories and traditions, a sense of connection and solidarity emerged that transcended any barrier. In an increasingly globalized world, events like this serve as vital reminders of the importance of celebrating our differences while working together towards a more just and equitable future for all.

In conclusion, the introductory activities and the intercultural exchange in Coma-Ruga provided participants with a platform to explore global justice and promote greater understanding among nations.