Global Justice

Last meeting of the In Transition project in Coma-Ruga

Developing Youth Work Initiatives Supporting Transition to Global Justice

Throughout the event in Coma-Ruga, a key focus was on developing youth work initiatives aimed at supporting the transition to global justice. Participants engaged in various activities designed to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives necessary to become agents of change in their communities. Through collaborative projects, group discussions, and hands-on workshops, they explored innovative approaches to addressing global injustices and promoting social equity.

Summing Up Cooperation Strategies and Youthpass

As the event drew to a close, it was essential to reflect on the cooperation strategies developed and plan for follow-up actions. Participants took time to summarize key learnings, identify areas for continued collaboration, and outline concrete steps to integrate their newfound knowledge and skills into their respective youth work initiatives. In order to achieve their Youthpass as youth workers, they documented their personal development throughout the program, ensuring recognition of their efforts and achievements.

Final Evaluation

A final evaluation was conducted to assess the impact of the event and gather feedback for future training gatherings. Participants shared their insights, highlighting the strengths of the program, areas for improvement, their own feelings after the course and suggestions for enhancing the overall experience. This evaluation process served as a valuable tool for shaping future youth work initiatives and ensuring their effectiveness in promoting global justice and intercultural understanding.

Farewell party

After a day of enjoying the last activities, the participants were able to get together in a farewell party. In this event, each participant had the opportunity to share their experience on what they have learnt and the space to have a great time with the new partners they have made during their stay.

Beyond the food and music, the Farewell Party served as a powerful reminder of unity in diversity. As participants exchanged stories and moments, a sense of connection and solidarity emerged that transcended any barrier. In an increasingly globalized world, events like this serve as vital reminders of the importance of celebrating our differences while working together towards a more just and equitable future for all.