Team Expressions in Dialogue

Meet the Barcelona's Coordination Team of the Project "Expressions in Dialogue"


Matías Adam is a Venezuelan-Catalan educator with a background in Philosophy, Literature and Translation Studies, and a professional career in the non-profit field. He has worked as a refugee support worker, sexual health educator, and as the Coordinator of Network. 

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Mayyar Skhaita is a social activist from Syria with refugees status. Has been involved in several campaigns raising awareness of the refugee situation in Barcelona and Catalonia where he is living.

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Clara Jorge Blanco is a social educator and activist. She is member of the "Sahara Dempeus" Association, and AHEAD. Clara has worked on social projects for seven years, has been supporting refugees and people living at risk of social exclusion.

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Rashid Abubakar Iddrisu is an activist working on inclusion programmes for young migrants from Africa. He develops his work in cooperation projects between Ghana and Catalonia with CEHDA association and the local inclusion work with AHEAD.

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Laura Huguet Fernández is a Psychologist specialised in Human Rights. Fighter, nonconformist and committed, Laura started her career as human rights’ defender five years ago. After serving as a volunteer in Portugal, she found a passion for Social Work, and decided to pursue a career in Human Rights.

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Xavier Baró Urbea is founder, board member and educational adviser of the Association of Human Rights Educators. Xavier has over twenty years of experience in the educational and youth fields as trainer. He combines the work at European level with the local activism in Barcelona.

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