Environmental Migration Tandem

Articulation of diverse referents for the socio-environmental transformation of citizenship with an anti-racist perspective and with a gender and human rights outlook.

Once again, AHEAD has joined with CEHDA (an expert in establishing intercultural links and better opportunities for migrants at the glocal level) to foster a sense of co-responsibility and awareness of the society regarding the causes of migratory movements and their interconnectedness with the environment.

The project's vision is focused on promoting an anti-racist, feminist, human rights-critical society that recognizes the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable human development. Through these principles, the project aims to advocate for a future that ensures gender justice, cultural plurality, and socio-ecological resilience worldwide.

As the coordinating entity for this cooperative project, CEHDA takes the lead, while AHEAD focuses on raising awareness about migration aspects stemming from economic, climatic, and environmental degradation causes in Catalonia and Europe (Brussels). This initiative is supported by the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament.

Project in Catalonia

Project in Brussels

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