Team Not Alone in Europe

Meet the Barcelona's Coordination Team of the Project "Not Alone in Europe"


Marianela Clinaz is a Human Rights Activist, Feminist, Researcher and Lawyer specialised in Human Rights taking a gender studies master course in Barcelona`s University.

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Guadalupe Begazo studied Law in her country of origin, Peru, and then in France. Currently she lives in Barcelona where she is doing a PhD on vulnerability and international protection.

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George Reginald Freeman is a Pan-African, sexual health educator, feminist, researcher and a human rights defender for people marginalised and discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

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Laura Huguet Fernández is a Psychologist specialised in Human Rights. Fighter, nonconformist and committed, Laura started her career as human rights’ defender five years ago. After serving as a volunteer in Portugal, she found a passion for Social Work, and decided to pursue a career in Human Rights.

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