AHEAD's objectives, themes and methodologies are based on the commitment to the principles of human dignity and gender equity.

The projects and the structure of the Association are built from the intersectionality perspective and gender mainstreaming. As a result of this work, we have drawn up a series of toolkits, guidelines and methodological proposals for educational purposes.

At the same time, AHEAD has developed several internal operating policies and protocols, which together with official decalogues and certificates are required to integrate the organization's teams. All members and volunteers in the Association commit to these protocols by subscribing to the decalogues and providing the required administrative certificates.

AHEAD's Child Protection Protocol

AHEAD is particularly committed to the safeguarding and well-being of children both in the educational projects involving them directly and indirectly.
For this reason, all members in the organisation, technicians, participants and volunteers who collaborate in any of its projects must adhere to the Protocol and sign the AHEAD Child Protection Decalogue. In addition, we are required to have an updated Certificate of Offenses of a Sexual Nature. The absence of sexual offences certificate is the official document proving that a person has not committed these types of crimes and it is officially issued by the administration.

AHEAD Child Protection Protocol

AHEAD's Gender Equality Policy

Gender equity and the respect to sexual diversity are fundamental in our organization. We prioritize these issues, mainstream gender and ensure intersectional perspectives in our projects and in decision-making. In the Association’s Gender Equality Policy we establish a reference framework based on non-discrimination to guarantee a safe space and promote the personal and professional development of all our members and volunteers. We seek equal participation and equity of opportunities in our projects and initiatives.

Gender Equality Policy_AHEAD

Protocol for addressing sexist and LGTBIphobic violence

AHEAD is particularly committed to protecting and tackling any discrimination or violence based on sex, gender expression or identity and sexual orientation that threatens people's freedom and their rights.
For this reason, all members, board of directors, technicians, participants and volunteers who collaborate in the organization must adhere to and sign the Decalogue of the Protocol for addressing sexist and LGBTIphobic violence of AHEAD, demonstrating that they are aware of the existence and validity of the Protocol, in addition to agreeing and respecting its rules.

Protocol for addressing sexist and LGBTIphobic attacks AHEAD
Decalogue of the AHEAD Protocol for addressing sexist and LGBTIphobic violence

AHEAD's Digital Rights Protocol

AHEAD is aware of the challenges that the digital world represents in terms of security and protection of digital rights.

We continue our day-to-day management of the GDRP protocols and inform the participants of the risks (as well as the advantages) of virtual work in the fields of child, youth and adult education.

One of our Association's objectives is precisely the development of competences in the field of digital rights and we are working on our own protocol for all our activities, as we have already developed in the fields of gender equity, the prevention of sexist violence and the protocol on child protection.

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