Get to know AHEAD

Based in Barcelona, AHEAD supports, since 2009, intercultural dialogue and human rights education as conditions to strengthen the commitment towards a culture of peace, environmental and global justice, democratic citizenship and solidarity among communities.

AHEAD has a sound experience on hosting mobilities and developing non-formal education tools and methodologies, creating synergies with civil society organisations, formal education institutions and public authorities.

AHEAD'S essence

The Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) was founded by educators who came from the formal education, leisure education, and non-formal education sectors, and who worked at the local, national, and international levels for several European institutions.

We firmly believe and actively pursue imparting knowledge about human rights since for us is not only crucial but serves as a foundational element in cultivating a society characterized by enduring peace, robust democratic values, and unwavering solidarity among its members.

AHEAD’s projects directly address educators, both from the formal and non-formal education realms, community and cultural mediators, children, young people and adult learners. 

The Association’s initiatives combine the local and the global dimension of our priority areas. Therefore, we engage into projects at the Catalan as well as at the Spanish level. We also encompass an educational spectrum ranging from primary schools to universities. When it comes to the international level, our focus is mainly on Europe and Mediterranean countries.

Currently, we have 21 associated members and 30 volunteers. Through our activities, we reach over two hundred participants yearly. 

As a summary of our main aims:

  • To consolidate Human Rights Education as the necessary framework to raise awareness and educate for citizenship and participation, for development, for sustainability, for gender equality and affective diversity, and for intercultural learning.
  • To develop competence's in young people, professionals, civil society's organisations (mainly youth associations), and institutions (mainly educational ones), willing to promote intersectoral work.
  • To develop innovative methodologies and to create pedagogical materials on Human Rights Education in Spanish and Catalan, as well as translating, adapting and spreading pedagogical materials from other countries or institutions within the Spanish and Catalan speaking territories.
  • To promote exchange of best practices, network among practitioners and define public policies that integrate Human Rights Education as a cross-cutting issue.

AHEAD is a member of the Catalan Federation of Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development Organisations (La Fede - Organisations for Global Justice), the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue among cultures (ALF) and the European Youth Network of Human Rights youth organisations (HREYN).