Success in the first pilot test of GREM: A Decisive Step Towards Democratic Memory.

What a success was the GREM pilot test yesterday! An incredible experience that has left us with great enthusiasm and a desire for more.

We love seeing how the community came together to participate in this important initiative. The tests were completed successfully, and the active participation of all involved was a key element in this success.

After the activities, we had an enriching reflection session. It was inspiring to see how participants shared their ideas and suggestions to improve the project. This feedback is very valuable to us and will help us make the next tests even better.

If you couldn't attend this occasion, don't worry, there are still many opportunities to join us in future tests and contribute to our mission of preserving democratic memory and promoting tolerance and respect for human rights.

Thanks to all the participants for making this pilot test a resounding success. We hope to see you soon at other GREM events!