Youth work preventing polarisation… successfully completed


In frames of the “Youth work Preventing Polarisation” project, a six-day residential mobility of Euro-Mediterranean youth workers took place in November 2021 near Tarragona.

The project, supported by the Erasmus+ programme, brought together a group of 24 youth work professionals from partner organizations in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Jordan Lebanon, the Netherlands, Tunisia and Turkey for an interactive residential course in order to analyze the polarization of communities in the Euro-Mediterranean context.

Depolarisation Youth Work Practices: Call for participants

Depolarization youth work practices

Organised by our partners of the Association of the Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) the course will take place from the 12th to the 19th October 2019 (arrival and departure dates) in Coma-ruga (Tarragona)

The Euro-Mediterranean training course "Depolarization youth work practices" focuses on the role of youth work addressing the causes, consequences and dynamics of polarisation.…

The Best Answer: Peace

The Best Answer: Peace

Last Saturday, 26A, thousands of people went out on the streets of Barcelona, gathering together because of the same reason: terrorist attacks on 17A in Les Rambles de Catalunya, a heart-felt street for all Barcelona citizens.…

Expressions in Dialogue: Capacity building for Euro-Mediterranean Living Libraries

Expressions in Dialogue aims to mainstream intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library actions.

These actions should encourage interaction and conversation bringing communities together in the localf_logo_2012al context of the promoter organisations in Estonia, Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Catalonia, Turkey and Egypt 

To achieve its aim, the project will bring together a group of “seeds” from communities around the Euro-Mediterranean area for an interactive training course to analyse the challenges of a meaningful intercultural dialogue and develop Living Library competences based on the principles of Intercultural Citizenship Education.

Call for “New Era”


The Call for the project “NEWERA - New Expertises for Workers in European Refugees Assistance” is now open.

This Erasmus+ project was born from a partnership between organization and institutions located in Italy,
Catalonia, Romania, Germany, Serbia and Great Britain, with specific expertise in training, cooperation and asylum
seekers and refugees assistance.…