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Inclusion workshop through STEAM at Casa Sagnier

Within the framework of the project on 'social cohesion and inclusion through STEAM tools', last Wednesday, November 22nd, at Casa Sagnier (Barcelona), we organized a workshop focused on how STEAM tools can be inclusive for migrants and refugees.

This time, the activities were mainly around mathematics. They were designed to be accessible, featuring simple instructions that encouraged engagement and collaboration among participants. They also addressed universal themes, respecting diverse cultures and steering clear of stereotypes or cultural appropriation. Emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, language considerations were taken into account by incorporating commonly spoken languages among participants and addressing any doubts that may arise.

Some of the activities that took place were a Tangram and '24' team competition, a debate about inclusion and integration and a dinamic where everyone had a number they had to order with the rest. Various events occurred, including a Tangram and a '24' team competition, a discussion on inclusion and integration, and a dynamic activity where each participant had to sequence a set of numbers with the others.

This project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission

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