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First Public Debate: Towards Inclusive Europe

In the frames of the project "Towards Inclusive Europe" AHEAD will participate at the beginning of July on the first Public Debate organised by our partners Bramfelder Kulturladen in Hamburg.

Towards Inclusive Europe aims to suport the inclusion of migrants and minorities in the civic society as well as sensitising the hosting communities to understand and appreciate the different worldviews, customs and ways of life among culturally diverse people. In addition the project aims to support migrant & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European level.

The project coordinated by our partners in Estonia Sillamäe Lastekaitse Ühing includes: six public debates in different regions of Europe.

In September, AHEAD will host an European Public Debate in Barcelona.

We aim to simultaneously highlight minority and migrants' involvement on a local level and in the larger European Community and celebrate it.

Finally, in May 2022 the Active citizenship week will be hosted in Tallinn, including concerts, intercultural fair, creative workshops and an international conference. Around that event we aim to build an informal network of organisations, gov. institutions and active citizens working on ground with migrants and minorities.

The project is supported by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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