First Public Debate in Hamburg

Strengthen European cohesion

Public debates took place in Germany, in Hamburg, between the 1st and 4th July. The hybrid format of public discussions was elaborated in advance (keynote speeches, panel discussions, and practical working groups’ sessions).…

Towards Inclusive Europe

Coordination Meeting

During the Preparatory Meeting in Hamburg, the partners gathered together in order to create a detailed practical and technical questions of program; responsibilities of the partners; a detailed content plan for future public activities: public debates (Germany, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Sweden), EU high level debates (Belgium), and final ground event “European Active Citizen Week” in Estonia, and other important challenges, such as health care, security, communications, and practical outcomes of each event.…

Towards Diversity: Youth Exchange Project

Towards Diversity: Youth Exchange Project

With the "Towards Diversity" project, we will explore the topic of diversity by learning from the Past, reflecting on the Present and designing the Future.
Together with 36 participants from four different countries, we will go through the following topics in connection with the concept of diversity.…

First Public Debate:  Towards Inclusive Europe

First Public Debate: Towards Inclusive Europe

In the frames of the project "Towards Inclusive Europe" AHEAD will participate at the beginning of July on the first Public Debate organised by our partners Bramfelder Kulturladen in Hamburg.

Towards Inclusive Europe aims to suport the inclusion of migrants and minorities in the civic society as well as sensitising the hosting communities to understand and appreciate the different worldviews, customs and ways of life among culturally diverse people.…