Global Citizenship / Human Rights Education

Docu-forum Hunger for Justice

On December 12th, the AHEAD association, in collaboration with the Pere Quart Civic Center in Les Corts, organized a docu-forum where we discussed the sexual violence experienced by women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"Hunger for Justice" is a documentary that reflects the harsh consequences of a conflict that the Democratic Republic of Congo has been experiencing for almost two decades. It highlights the violence suffered by women and children, as well as the poverty and abandonment of civil society by the state. It also reveals the dynamism, activism, and resilience of its population to look forward and believe that another Congo is possible.

Once we had watched the documentary, we proceeded with the second part of the workshop—a debate about what we had seen regarding the situation in North Kivu, reflecting on parallels with our own closer reality.

The "Hunger for Justice" workshop is the first in a series of three open workshops aimed at empowering participants to become agents of change in terms of global justice and human rights.