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Youth work deconstructing violent extremism

Last October, the Euro-Mediterranean "Youth work deconstructing violent extremism" organized by the Association of Human Rights Educators  - AHEAD was held in Coma-ruga, near Tarragona.

Educators, Youth Workers and Youth Leaders from Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, Latvia participated in the event on behalf of partner organisations working to prevent violent extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The meeting served to develop youth work competencies and identify processes of radicalization, narratives and violent extremism actions in the community as well as to analyze the multiplicity and complexity of the phenomenon and its main causes.


On the other hand, the meeting allowed to exchange good practices and develop youth work initiatives based on the principles of human rights education and intercultural dialogue to counteract the violent extremism narratives  through the promotion of human rights and democratic values.

As a result of the meeting, cooperation strategies have been initiated that are to be expanded to other organisations working in the Euro-Mediterranean area, creating synergies and establishing cooperation networks between youth organizations that promote intercultural dialogue.

The project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

As promoters, we are aware of the complexity of addressing violent extremism with a training course, despite this fact we believe that this effort can help to address this challenge from the perspective of youth work and not only through securitarian  and counter-radicalization policies.

With this event, AHEAD gave continuity to a project started a few years ago and especially aimed at educators, youth workers and youth leaders in the Euro-Mediterranean area to develop competences to explore the causes and tackle violent extremism from youth work practice. We invite organizations that want to contribute to this work to contact us to explore together possible mechanisms of cooperation and coordination.

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