Euro-Mediterranean / Preventing Violent Extremism

Euro-Med Training Course in Vic

The training course "Democratic Citizenship: Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work in polarised communities" has been completed today in Vic (Osona, Catalonia, Alberg Vic Xanascat) taking place on dates 1-8 of April 2023.
The programme focused around developing youth work competences to prepare, implement and evaluate youth work initiatives contributing to democratic citizenship.

The central concept explored at the training programme was based on work of Bart Brandsma (the Netherlands) - “Polarisation: understanding the dynamics of us versus them”.
The participants analysed the causes, the consequences and the dynamics of polarisation and designed local and international initiatives contributing to democratic citizenship practices in polarised communities using the potential of Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The course fostered cooperation strategies among youth work organisations in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
The course used as its main educational approach Non-Formal Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights. This is an example of methodology that the course promotes as the most suitable for youth work to de-polarise the communities and prevent violent extremism  and conflict escalation.

The training course was hosted by the AHEAD Association with support of Erasmus+ Programme, and gathered 23+ participants from diverse countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond, such as: Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, France, Belgium, Egypt. The cultural geography was even wider than that, as culturally the group represented more diversity, than their country of residence.

Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission