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Meeting of entities in Igualada

On May 8 in the city of Igualda, a meeting of entities full of dialogue, reflection and collaboration took place, from AHEAD, to share our impressions on the recent meeting focused on gender equity, intercultural inclusion and human rights. The room was full of positive energy while members of various entities of our community met to exchange ideas and experiences.
It was an honour to see how the passion for social justice and fundamental rights united all participants in a common purpose. One of the most outstanding aspects of the meeting was the diversity of perspectives and approaches present. From visions focused on the promotion of gender equality to initiatives aimed at promoting intercultural inclusion, each entity provided a unique and valuable vision to the debate.
During the work sessions, significant challenges were identified, but innovative solutions and exemplary practices were also shared. It was inspiring to see how collaboration between entities can generate a real positive impact on our community.
One of the key conclusions of the meeting is the importance of bringing this dialogue to institutional spaces. The relationships established during the event are a crucial foundation for future joint work in the promotion of human rights and social justice. In short, the meeting on gender equity, intercultural inclusion and human rights was a resounding success.
We would like to thank all the participants for their dedication and commitment, and we look forward to future events where we will continue to work together towards a fairer and more egalitarian world for everyone.

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