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Towards Inclusive Europe

Coordination Meeting

During the Preparatory Meeting in Hamburg, the partners gathered together in order to create a detailed practical and technical questions of program; responsibilities of the partners; a detailed content plan for future public activities: public debates (Germany, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Sweden), EU high level debates (Belgium), and final ground event “European Active Citizen Week” in Estonia, and other important challenges, such as health care, security, communications, and practical outcomes of each event. Besides, the participants shared their experiences and agreed upon certain mechanisms, which would increase social inclusion and cohesion across European countries. The representatives from all partner’ countries (Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Portugal Portugal) has took part in the Preparation Meeting, both physically and virtually.

In addition, participants suggested their vision on the “European Report Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe for Vulnerable Groups” and the core issues which this project is supposed to highlight (inclusion, increasing of social cohesion, tackling of homophobia, xenophobia and racism, affordable housing and healthcare, intercultural communication and education, etc.)

The project is supported by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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