GREM / Human Rights Education

Successful GREM rehearsals!

Over the past 3 months since the GREM pilot test, we have conducted 3 more tests in Teià, Vic, and Coma-ruga, which were received and completed with great success!

Community involvement has been fundamental to the success of this initiative. The tests were successfully completed in each location, thanks to the active participation of everyone involved.

After each session, we held reflection meetings that were very enriching. It was inspiring to see how participants shared their ideas and suggestions to improve the project. These reflections are essential for the functioning of the game and help us to perfect the next tests.

We thank all the participants for making these tests a great success and for participating in our sessions and contributing to our mission of preserving democratic memory and promoting tolerance and respect for human rights.

We hope to see you soon at other GREM events!


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