AHEAD believes in the importance of designing educational experiences where participants are the main leaders of their own learning process, aiming at their sense of belonging towards the contents. This is why the prioritised methodology used in AHEAD's courses is active and participatory. Another of its remarkable aspects is experiential learning, the educational approach that inspires the design of contents and activities within the courses.


By taking part in this kind of activities, people have the chance to live in their own shoes what are the educational tools about and what is the impact on the target. Thus, experience is the core for the learning process of the educator who will become a Human Rights educators in the future. Having taken active part in an activity with such methdology positively influences trust and self-steem at hte moment of leading activities and working with the contents in the future.

That's why in AHEAD's training courses on Human Rights Education the methods used are those that later on could be used with the target groups (after adaptation to the specific educational context and characetristics of the group).