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Preparing the Living Library in Barcelona

After the Capacity Building on Living Libraries in Tallinn (Estonia) the Coordination team of the Living Library project in Barcelona host its first meeting with potential Human Books and Librarians.

The Living Library events in Barcelona will take part on Saturday the 1st June 2019 and a second one on Saturday the 15th June 2019 in the gardens of the National Library.

Both events are free and open to all interested citizens and visitors alike.

A team conformed by young migrants and refugees and local youth workers from Barcelona has started preparations to sort out all logistical aspects of the event.

In parallel, a series of workshops developing intercultural sensitivity and Living library competences will be implemented to train:

  • The Human Books (the Catalogue of Barcelona)
  • The Librarians of the event
  • The team of Facilitators
  • The team of Translators
  • and, other potential supporters.

In the coming weeks, local stakeholders will be involved in the project. Further developments to be followed.

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