Human Rights Education

El Petit Compass. Manual on Human Rights Education for Children is a Human Rights Education manual to be used, worked and lived with groups of children and youth.

This is the translation and adaptation into CATALAN of the manual of Human Rights Education of the Council of Europe, Compasito, which educators in Europe have been using successfully for the past years. Such success is based experiential and participatory methodologies as the basis for the learning experience.

The translation into CATALAN is the first adaptation of the manual to a minorized language – not to be confused with minority language -. With this action, AHEAD expects to contribute to spreading Human Rights Education among the community of Catalan speakers, which is present in four countries member of the Council of Europe.


For further information on the manual here.

If you are interested in a copy in the Catalan version, do contact us.

You can also accesss the online version in Catalan by signing-up here.

If you are interested in the English or other verions, do contact the Council of Europe.