GREM – Democratic awareness and memory project

The Holocaust is one of the darkest chapters in the history of humanity, and to confront this harsh reality, the AHEAD organization has initiated the GREM Project. The main objective of this project is the investigation of democratic memory and awareness of the victims of totalitarian regimes, together with the creation of narratives and countries of democratic memory in collaboration with various entities throughout Europe.

Within this project, we have selected testimonies from people from all over Europe who relate their various experiences of capture and deportation to concentration and extermination camps, with the aim of preserving living memory.


"I still have the desire to cry, but I don't do anything. I empathize with my feelings. -But the memories trouble her.- How sad, sad, around Auschwitz."

We will carry out a detailed research on local history of success and failures in resistance to totalitarian regimes. We will work closely with political leaders, representatives of the administration and education professionals at the local level to collect testimonies of survival of the totalitarian regimes and the Holocaust that affect our community. This task is carried out in collaboration with memorial entities, ethnic minorities and democratic resistance groups.

Furthermore, the project includes the creation of a team specializing in the development of awareness-raising programs aimed particularly at young adults. The main objective of this project is to raise awareness in communities through education, with the hope that people are better prepared to confront the distortion of history by totalitarian regimes, to prevent the spread of news false and refute historical revisionism.