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GainKids Project – a practice preventing polarization

At the ongoing project Euro-Mediterranean youth work for Intercultural democratic citizenship Preventing Polarization, which had its meeting at Comaruga (Tarragona) 3 weeks ago, the GAINKids Project was presented.

Elisenda Baró, who is one of active facilitators of this Project: a story-book author, illustrator and facilitator of the testing phase, shared with the participants the idea, concept and current results of the GAINKids.

Project AIMS to:

  • Train professionals to work on the Rights of the Child in the context of a kindergarten;
  • Sensitize families to the importance of the Rights of the Child, respect and acceptance of difference;
  • Involve children in the reflection and production of the project's development instruments.

The Strategic Partnership “GAINKids: Global Citizenship education for Kids" started in October 2020 and will last till March 2023.

One of the key elements of the Project is creation of educational stories for children with the active participation of children. The Association of Human Rights educators AHEAD was responsible of developing the storybook centered in Non-discrimination and diversity. As a result the Storybook “The Rainforest monster” was produced. This is a story about the dangers of stereotyping and prejudice in the Madagascar’s rain-forest.

Young children were involved from the beginning of the process and intervened in the creation stages. The other Partners of the Project created and designed more stories addressing themes such as Gender identity and gender equality, Equal opportunities for all children, Social and family participation, Global citizenship and participation. These storybooks will be adapted and translated to different languages of the Project.

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

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