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FORTE : For a better women engagement in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE)

This post is part of the group contribution and best practices shared during the Euro-Mediterranean Training Course: Youth Work Preventing Violent Extremism, implemented by the Association of Human Rights Educators AHEAD from the 14th till the 21st October 2018 in Comarruga (Tarragona).


FORTE Project

(Femmes Opposantes à la Radicalisation, Terrorisme & Extrémisme)

(Women Against Radicalisation, Terrorism & Extremism)

Preventing Violent Extremism as it is introduced nowadays is aiming to build a cohesive society free of radicalisation and terrorism. And to reach that goal in tunisia, a country that is counting more than 3000 extremists that have filled the ranks of terrorist groups across the Middle East and North Africa (according to the Ministry of Interior) with hundreds of returning djihadist from conflicts areas, this battle has to go through all the components of the society and mainly women in exposed areas who are not playing an active role in their localities and surroundings in the Preventing Violent Extremism process.

By who?

Inno-Peace (Innovators for Peace), a young non governmental youth association founded two years ago in 2016 by a group of 22-28 years old Human Rights activists and working in 3 main axes counting Human Rights, Peace & Democracy which purpose is to help young people in strengthening their capacities and roles in the development of a cohesive, tolerant society that respects the values of human rights, peace and democracy creating a space for young people to engage in innovative projects and initiatives, in a vision of sustainable change.

Goals ?

FORTE aims to Improve engagement of 90 targeted women in Countering Violent Extremism & Preventing Violent Extremism in their localities through Advocacy in 3 most threatened zones in Tunisia which are Sejnane, Menzel Bourguiba & Ben Guerdane.

This will be through capacity building in order to help them detect extremist narratives and behaviours while deconstructing extremism drivers.

How it will be done ?

FORTE is going to be done through an innovative approach, gathering the targeted group together in round tables to discuss more about the needs, problem identification and possibilities to locally PVE. This activity will be followed in one hand by a sensibilisation that these women are going to ensure to their surroundings after coaching and mentoring sessions and in another hand by contributing in strategic elaboration accompaigning them with the local authorities to create civic engagement projects for their communities.

Who is targeting ?

The project will be targeting 90 FORTEs women in 3 different regions, among them the percentage of 18 to 35 years old will be at least 70%, divided in the 3 different regions.

Which Outcomes ?

  1. 90 women able to counter an extremist speech and capable of sensibilisation in their areas and surroundings.
  2. 70% of targeted women, participating in local strategy elaboration to Prevent Violent Extremism through 3 projects in civic engagement per region
  3. Follow up for a sustainable effect of the chosen projects


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