Towards Inclusive Europe / Towards Inclusive Europe

European Active Citizens week in Tallinn

AHEAD took active part in the European Active Citizens week in Tallinn Estonia on dates 4-8.05.2022. The Conference was hosted by the Sillamäe Lastekaitse Ühing / Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (Estonia) - the Lead Organisation of the Project “Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe”

During all the year 2021 diverse events and public debates took place in different partner-countries in frames of the Project and were hosted by the partner-organisations, including AHEAD:
in Hamburg (Germany), in Rhodes (Greece), in Gothenburg (Sweden), in Barcelona, - hosted by AHEAD, in Tallinn, in Brussels (Belgium), so, the final event - the International Conference “Inclusive and Sustainable Europe: way forward or step back?” - was the final closing event to conclude the overall Project and celebrate the results achieved.
The Project aimed to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities in the civic society with the main approach to facilitate the dialogue and public debates between the civil society organisations, citizens and decision-makers on different levels from local to European.
The delegation from AHEAD included 8 people, one of them on-line.
Rashid Abubakar Iddrisu (CEHDA) and Ljubov Lissina were the panelists at the Conference on the 5th of May.
The further events included networking meetings and interactive workshops, where AHEAD run a Workshop on the Concept of Human Rights, conducted by Ljubov on the 6th of May.

Project is co-funded by European Commission in frame of Europe for Citizens programme and National Foundation of Civil Society with support of Nordic Council of ministers Office in Estonia.

The web of the Project:
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