Euro-Mediterranean / Preventing Violent Extremism

Euro-Mediterranean youth work for Intercultural democratic citizenship Preventing Polarization

Local activities in Beirut with kids, in Narva - with teachers and educators, in Barcelona with young people of the neighbourhood and a documentary taken in Gebes (Tunis) raising important environmental concerns.
This what participants were sharing with each other in Comaruga the days of 30.09 - 06.10.2022.
But not only: what do you think a group of young foreigners from Tunis, Lebanon, Estonia and some locals from Catalonia can do at the manifestation in Barcelona on the 1st of October? The answer is -  taking part at the commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Catalan referendum for independence, which was not recognised. Participants didn’t take any sides though and were not invited to.
It was a great opportunity to experientially observe, feel and study through experience how polarisation in society works on real case.
Polarisation happens and is a part of our everyday life.
The youth workers may have a role in de-polarization, this way, contributing the prevention of extreme cases, discrimination and violence.
This can be done through non formal education, human rights education and democratic citizenship education. How to do this kind of education is a central part of the Project “Euro-Mediterranean youth work for Intercultural democratic citizenship Preventing Polarisation”.
The collection of some methods and activities will be shared at the web page of the Project in coming weeks.
Also participants worked out the guidelines on how to prevent polarisation among young people in organisations working with youth and children.

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission

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