International Projects

Euro-Mediterranean Democratic Citizenship

The training course "Democratic Citizenship: Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work in polarised communities" focuses on developing youth work competences to prepare, implement and evaluate youth work  initiatives contributing to democratic citizenship.

Youth workers will develop competences to analyse the causes, the consequences and the dynamics of polarisation and design local initiatives contributing to democratic citizenship practices in polarised communities.

The course will also foster cooperation strategies among youth work organisations in the Euro-Mediterranean area as a direct follow-up of the project.

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Candidates must apply online through the Application Form

Applications should be sent before the 13th  February 2023

The preparatory team will select the participants on the basis of the profile outlined above and ensure a balanced group (gender, geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural backgrounds and organisations).
Selected candidates will receive the course documentation and further technical and educational information directly from the organisers. A waiting list may be established.