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Democracy Matters Project held at Vic

Twenty individuals from various European countries gathered in this town with a common goal: to explore democracy and promote deeper understanding among nations. Through a series of activities culminating in an Organization's Fair, these participants embarked on a journey that transcended geographical and cultural borders.

The event developed a series of activities designed to boost critical thinking and foster communication among participants. Group dynamics, and informal debates allowed attendees to share their perspectives, and insights regarding their predisposition to participate in politics. Each participant brought a unique wealth to the conversation, enriching the intercultural dialogue.

One of the standout activities of this event was a vibrant outdoors activity in which the participants had to actively agree or disagree with some statements provided by AHEAD'S team. Those were related to politics, democracy and youth and the members of the project had the opportunity to state their positions and lately debate on them in a way that contributed to assertive communication.

In addition to that, the participants were able to engage into their self-experience by analysing their life through their democracy lenses recalling their surroundings and selecting the elements in their own story that reminded them of any aspect related to the topic. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to latter explain their key points.

Participants delved deeper into various levels of youth engagement, including exploring different avenues for participation. What felt as a general matter of interest was  learning about programs such as Erasmus and the Youth Pass accreditation. Through interactive workshops and informational sessions, attendees gained insights into the diverse opportunities available for active involvement in European initiatives and projects.

Furthermore, the introduction to the Youth Pass accreditation scheme provided participants with a tangible tool for recognizing and validating their non-formal learning experiences, empowering them to showcase their skills and competencies gained through participation in various youth activities and projects.

Through these discussions and explorations, participants not only deepened their understanding of democracy but also gained practical knowledge and resources to actively engage in shaping the future of Europe. The intercultural exchange in Vic thus served as a catalyst for promoting greater understanding and cooperation among nations while empowering individuals to become active agents of change in their communities and beyond.