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Call Open for the Second Public Debates

Professional Success and Integration

The second public debates will take place in Tallinn, Estonia in August 18-21. The main topic of the event is Professional Success among migrants, refugees and minorities. Namely, it includes questions of availability of labor market and integration of refugees, long-term residence with background of migrants and minorities, equal opportunities and chances for professional success and becoming, continious vocational education. Besides, the core of discussion dedicated to inclusion of minorities and other vulnerable groups into civil society and into adequate availability for the goods and services; facilitation of the intercultural dialogue, elaboration of the content of the European report “Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe” (integral part of the each meeting)

The event is welcoming for representatives of NGO’s across Europe, experts, researchers, policy makers and people involved in education, culture and social work. It aims to crate open and inspiring dialogues, sharing experiences, and to create certain practices, educational, cultural techniques for future, and to formulate recommendations for public policies, which will facilitate more complex inclusion and cohesion through work with children, young people and vulnerable groups.

Registration will be opened 19.07.2021 at 10am (GMT+3)

The project is supported by the "Europe for Citizens" programme of the European Union.

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