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Born to survive Youth Exchange

Within the Erasmus+ programme, this summer AHEAD was part of the Youth Exchange in Italy, Magenta and Abbiategrasso.

Born to survive Youth Exchange (23-31 July 2019)
During 7 working days, participants were reflecting of the youth policies of social inclusion and thinking in cooperation with and making links with local stakeholders in this relation.

The project started from reflection on issues of social exclusion of young people encountered by all partners involved. Young people coming from rural areas, migrants, ethnic groups, those with a lower economic level, young refugees and other minorities are discriminated and excluded from the communities where they live and do not have equal access to social rights and cannot enjoy their human rights.
The exchange was strongly focused on Human Rights and implemented through the human rights approach and non-formal learning.

AHEAD was represented by 5 participants and in total the group consisted of 35 people from 7 European countries.
The Pepper Group hosted the youth exchange; - it is an informal group of people united by a passion for multiculturalism, the discovery of new cultures, habits, traditions and travel with the experience of youth exchanges.

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